5 Scariest Faces of Ransomware


5 Scariest Faces of Ransomware 

This time of year is full of tricks and treats, and scary things, but none are as terrifying to a small business owner as the threat of a devastating ransomware attack. Just in time for Halloween, cyber criminals are celebrating with some new and very scary ransomware threats. Be on the look out for these haunting threats...

Inspired by the movie series Saw, Billy the puppet greets infected users with a warning to pay or else. This attack is designed to slowly and methodically delete files until the ransom is paid. 

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This haunting ransomware puts the blame on it's victims by telling them that they have stolen a sum of money from the wrong people. But as long as you return the money, they will return your files. They also threaten extortion and blackmail insisting that they know more about you than you think.If you don't pay... be prepared. And they so generously give you 48 hours to pay. 

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This group is able to encrypt at least 185 file types and erase back-ups, leaving victims stuck with no way to get their files back, other than to pay the ransom demanded. It uses remote desktop protocols to look through systems, escalate permissions and encrypt your most valuable files. 



CryLocker plays on victims' emotions, changing affected file extensions to .CRY and informs people that they should buy their happiness instead of crying about their fate. They kindly let you know that these files can be restored easily, they even give you instructions on how to do it that are stored in your documents. They even quote Albert Einstein, "Some people cry over their fate and some buy their happiness." 

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And perhaps the scariest threat of all... your unsuspecting employee. The greatest threat to most small businesses are employees clicking on a link, opening an email attachment or responding to a phishing scam. It happens every day all of the world. Cyber criminals know what gets people to respond favorably and unsuspectingly and they prey on your employees. There is so much information readily available on the internet about your company, employees, titles, contact information, this kind of attack is the easiest to pull off. 

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Don't be tricked this Halloween season, be aware and on the look out for these and other suspicious threats. Because more and more we know, it's no longer IF a threat is made to your business, it's WHEN it will be made. Are you prepared?