Apple confesses flaw in popular products

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there is a flaw in your iphone's chip...

Earlier this week Apple confessed that all iOS devices and Mac Computers contain a faulty security chip that - but the company stressed that the users will not see any negative impacts from this. 

The company admitted that a recent update for iPads, iPhones, iPods, and all Macs comes with an unwanted feature that is referred to as Meltdown. It seems that the only product that remains unaffected is the Apple Watch. Experts say that government offices and public health institutions are most at risk.

But Apple is confident that Meltdown will not affect performance. The plan is to release an update for the Safari web browser which will fight against another threat known as Spectre. A statement on Apple's website admitted that Sarari may be slowed down by 2.5%.

On Wednesday Intel Corp. confirmed the rumors about their semiconductors, as well as their chips that power Apple devices, contain a flaw as well as processors based on ARM holdings. This is also used in Android devices.

The timing of this is unfortunate for Apple given that the California-based company received plenty of heat after admitting that software for older models of smart phones purposely reduce performance.