ASUS Installs Malware on Thousands of PCs 

ASUS pushes out an update to its motherboards with malware included, possibly infecting millions of pcs

If you’ve got a PC with an ASUS motherboard and ASUS Live Update installed, please read on…

Security firm Kaspersky has reported that hackers have been able to gain access to millions of PCs through this update that was pushed out recently. How did this happen? Through corrupted updates that hackers were able to gain back door access to. This Live Update lets ASUS upload drivers, software, and firmware updates to compatible PCs.

Kaspersky said, “The goal of the attack was to surgically target and unknown pool of users, which were identified by their network adapters’ MAC addresses… We were able to extract more than 600 unique MAC addresses from over 200 samples used in this attack. Of course, their might be other samples out there with different MAC addresses in their list.”

These updates had come directly from ASUS servers and the hackers were able to install malware into the update itself.

ASUS has been on major damage control since this has happened. ASUS customer service has been reaching out to users that they think could have been infected to remove the malware. They have also implemented a fix in their latest version of the Live Update software.

If you have an ASUS PC and you are concerned that your machine could be compromised, ASUS has created an online tool to check for affected systems. The tool can be found on their website.

If you are still concerned, contact us today and we can run a network security scan to see if you have been affected or if you are at risk.