Why Back-up Office 365 Mailboxes?

There is a simple answer to why email backup is important. Accidents happen, files get corrupted by viruses, and that is why there is always a possibility that some business-critical data may be lost. Without routine backups, crucial email recovery is not possible. And the thing about email backups is that you usually do not appreciate them unless you need them – and then it is too late.

Email is the backbone of business communication. With our o365 backup solution, emails, personal information, contracts, invoices and all kinds of important documents can be securely and easily transferred and conveniently stored. However, email data can be deleted or corrupted in many ways:

  • Unintentional deletion – sometimes, for example when a user declutters their mailbox, some important emails can be deleted by mistake. If an email is deleted permanently, often there is no way to retrieve it, other than from a backup copy.
  • Intentional deletion – probably nobody likes to think about this option, but it is possible for employees to delete important emails on purpose. As a result, they can harm the entire company.
  • Hardware malfunction or system crash – accidents happen, and sometimes, for no apparent reason, data stored in emails can get corrupted beyond repair. It applies both to data stored on personal computers or email hosting sites.
  • Malicious software – multilevels of cybersecurity does its best to protect data, however new malicious software, viruses or ransomware may takes their toll.
  • Data deletion is not covered by Microsoft’s Office 365 service level agreement.

You should take all measures to protect email data from loss and have a backup in case, at some point, an accident happens.

One can implement what is sometimes called “Legal Hold”; Cloud Cover can implement a change to prohibit deleted items from any future deletion. This ‘hold’ feature is more expensive than implementing an email data backup plan.

What is also very important, is that backups can save your company from fines. There are legal regulations which require organizations to store data safely and to provide the data, for example, in case of litigation. One of the most important laws concerning emails is eDiscovery.

Cloud Cover will back up your users’ mailboxes for just $1.99 each per month.

We will give you peace of mind about your Office 365 Email data as you can restore your emails, contacts, or calendars anytime.

Contact us if you’d like the security of routine email data backup. 614-362-8201


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