An Old Banking Virus is Back and it is Launching a New Phishing Scam

The old banking Trojan known as Q-bot is back and scarier than ever. It has recreated itself as part of a new, sophisticated phishing campaign targeting a new generation of victims. Q-bot is one of the oldest banking Trojans still in use, and has been claiming victims for more than a decade.

In this most recent form, the malware is being delivered via an email which appears to be a reply to an existing email chain. The body of the email contains a malicious link which, if clicked will install the malware in the background.

Once in place, it creates an easy entrance to the compromised machine in question, allowing hackers access any time they like. It also serves as a key logger and general spy. It can steal financial data, banking data, other logins, credentials, and of course, makes it possible for the hackers to install additional malware.

The reason Q-bot is still enjoying use of stolen data is that it's very good at what it does, and the developers of the code have taken steps to keep it up to date.  This, combined with finding new and innovative ways of introducing the Trojan onto target systems has made it as close to a persistent threat as we've seen when it comes to malicious code.

All this makes it increasingly more difficult to effectively defend against such threats.  Stay vigilant and be sure to remind your employees never to open emails or click links inside emails, even if they appear to be from a trusted source. Remember, phishing scams are still the hardest cyber threat to combat against because it is all dependent on human error. No matter how good your cyber security tools are, phishing attacks can still get in to your business.

To find out more about how to train your employees and even test everyone in your organization to see which of your employees are a threat to your business, contact us. We offer affordable, proven, 100% managed phishing training and testing.