Avoid SpriteCoin and its unwanted features


did you hear about the latest jump in spritecoin...?

Hopefully not, because it doesn't exist. It's a fictional cryptocurrency that disguises itself as a virtual wallet that requests the user to create a desired password. Then, instead of downloading blockchain, it encrypts the user's data files and demands a ransom. This ransom must be paid in the form of Monero. 

It gets even worse as once the ransom is paid, a second stage of malware is deployed that has the capabilities of certificate harvesting, image parsing, and can even activate web cams. 

The initial ransom is a typical note that notifies its victim of their encryption and requests a mere 0.3 Monero - approximately $105. Some are suggesting that Monero, a common crypto founded in 2014, may replace Bitcoin when used in ransom.

It's important to back up files on a regular basis and store them on a separate offline device - possibly multiple places. This will ensure to soften the blow if found in a ransomware situation. It is also recommended to incorporate an internal security program to avoid these messes altogether.