Five Things Central Ohio Small Businesses Can Do to Improve Cyber Security:

  1. Don’t do it alone:

Small companies, if they can’t afford their own in-house technology experts, should hire consultants who specialize in helping small businesses build and maintain their defenses. We receive calls all of the time from companies that have been attacked because they thought they were safe because they have anti-virus software or a firewall. These solutions are just simply not enough.

2. Think about who has access to your network:

Companies can easily be attacked through other businesses or computer users including vendors, employees and online storage services. Small business owners should ask anyone who links into their computers about the steps they take to protect everyone’s data. Any company that has access to your business should be able to answer these questions.

3. Back up EVERYTHING:

If your company is attacked, you could lose all of your data which can be devastating to a small business. But if you are regularly backing up your files, you can restore your systems. If you get attacked by ransomware and you know that you are backed up you can avoid paying the ransom. The best way to back up files is on an off-site system that continually creates new versions of all of a company’s data.

4. Stay current:

Software and hardware manufacturers routinely issue updates and patches to improve security. Every device at a small business needs to have all updates and patches downloaded and installed. Even machines that don’t get used regularly. Missing any of your machines leaves you susceptible to malicious attacks.

5. Use your EIN:

Business owners need to guard against a stolen identity from affecting their business accounts. So instead of using your Social Security number for business, you should always us your Employer Identification Number instead.