Is IT Helping or Hurting Your Business?

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Many business owners and upper management often ask the same question, is technology helping or hurting their business and profitability. Without the right technology in place, many businesses spend unnecessary time and money. 

Here are some key points to address to help you determine if your IT is helping or hurting your business.

How fast is your response time?

Basic fact: time is money. Can your IT team fix tech support issues quickly? It does not matter if you have an internal IT department or a managed services provider, all companies must have a guaranteed response time in place when support issues arise. The goal of response time is to save time and money.

How secure is your company email?

Like most companies, you receive SPAM emails plus you have sensitive emails with confidential information. You must create a plan with your IT team or IT consultant that will allow you to store
and save all your company data securely and efficiently. Now more than ever, it is critical that you invest in proper email encryption and archiving as this will allow you to secure, store, and file your emails all while running your business efficiently. This can be done securely, accurately with the proper steps, safe guards and documentation. 

Is your company data secure?

With all the recent data and security leaks, all businesses must remember that they are constantly threatened by theft or internal data leaks. There are a vast variety of options that are available to prevent this kind of security issue, including internet monitoring which can help prevent internal information from leaving your business. Also, proper documentation may be stored in the cloud so that you don’t need to worry about losing important processes, data, even passwords. These are a couple of strategies that you should discuss with your IT team as it will significantly lower your organizations vulnerability to risk. With our solutions, plans and services, we can increase your business’s productivity by an average of 80%.

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