Mobile Cyber Attack: Is Everyone a Victim?

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Mobile cyber attacks are hitting every company whether they know it or not...

Surveys conducted by Check Point have discovered that 100% of businesses have been hit by a mobile cyber attack whether it may be remote access trojans, data mining trojans, mobile adware, or premium dealers. The average number of attacks that a company has received is 54 and 89% of  companies receive at least one man-in-the-middle attack over a Wi-Fi network.

Both major mobile platforms, Android and iOS, are prone to attacks. In fact, 75% of the companies surveyed had an average of 35 rooted Android devices and/or one jailbroken iOS devices connected to their corporate networks.

Threats to mobile devices are capable of governing any sort of device and gaining sensitive data at any time. It's important to protect your business from unwanted threats because this can save you time and money in addition to keeping your information secure.