Global Biglaw Firm ‘Paralyzed’ By New Ransomware Attack

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What happened to this firm's cybersecurity expertise?

In May, the WannaCry ransomware attack infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, and global Biglaw firms like DLA Piper were quick to tout their expertise in cybersecurity compliance, offering solutions for affected companies up to and including crisis management teams and even a 24/7 Rapid Response hotline. Today, it looks like the lawyers at DLA may have to dial their own number, because the firm was just hit by another quickly spreading ransomware attack called Petrwrap/Petya.

Here’s the message that was displayed across computer monitors at DLA Piper:

The Petrwrap/Petya attack seems to have originated at the firm’s office in Madrid, Spain. According to El Confidencial, a Spanish-language digital newspaper, all employees there were ordered to shut down their computers immediately and have been forbidden to send emails from firm computers or make calls from firm telephone lines. Almost everyone at the firm — even the IT department — has gone home thanks to the complete and total lockdown of their computers and phone systems. “Don’t think people are happy not to be at work,” one employee said. “Everything is going to have to be recovered.”