Protecting Your Business From Ransomware with Veeam and Cloud Cover

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The newest release of Veeam Backup and Replication, which became available in December 2017, came with a whole host of new features, such as storage integration for IBM, Lenovo, INFINIDAT, and Pure Storage, as well as much improved data management analytics and compliance reporting. One new feature, although under-advertised, is a significant improvement in ransomware prevention and recovery.

Cloud Cover now has the ability to protect offsite backups from accidental or malicious deletion directly from our console.

Cloud Cover’s IT Service Specialist, and Veeam Certified Engineer, Greg Bean-DeFlumer, says that the approach Veeam has taken in the battle against Ransomware is on the bleeding edge of data security and disaster prevention.

“The new protections and options Veeam has given us, built directly into the software, has proven extraordinarily useful to us, as a Service Provider, to make sure that our client’s information and data remains protected even in the case of an inside attack or ransom. Even after the attack “deletes” backups, either through Windows or directly through the Veeam interface, we are still able to go in and recover all of the data that the attacker believes they deleted or ransomed.”

The “deletions” Bean-DeFlumer speaks of happen more often than expected. Sometimes a disgruntled employee may attempt to delete backups, but more likely, an attacker is able to breach the network using brute force, and either attempt to delete the backups or encrypt them for ransom.

According to Bean-DeFlumer, these attacks are happening more and more frequently, and companies need to be prepared for the worst.

The Ransomware protection advances in Veeam Backup and Replication 9.5 Update 3 add another layer of defense in a time when data security is more important than ever. Veeam Cloud Connect is the most advanced and reliable backup solution on the market.

“We’ve tried several backup solutions through the years, and we settled on Veeam because it has been the most effective. Not only at quick and painless backups, and industry-disrupting restore speeds, but also because of the vigilance the developers have when it comes to protections against very real, constantly evolving attacks.”