Proud Supporters of Future Possibilities

we are pleased to support this great organization and to announce holli houseworth has been elected as a board of director for this great organization!

At Cloud Cover we believe in getting involved in our community for the greater good. We are all so lucky to have a thriving business that supports our team and our families that we want to give back. We are involved in several charitable organizations and we are so excited to support Future Possibilities. Future Possibilities is a Central Ohio based community program that works to empower children in our under-served areas. Their Ready, Set, Goal! Program offers a unique coaching opportunity to mentor a child throughout the course of a school year to help that child accomplish a goal they set forth for themselves, as well as helping guide them through making good decisions in life! “KidCoaches” start mentoring a child that they are paired with in November and stay with their student throughout the school year. They meet up at the student’s school once a week and work on a self-chosen goal and come up with a plan on how to achieve that goal. The main objective is to empower children to change the course of the future and to realize that they can make an impact on their lives and their community. Our own Holli Houseworth is a KidCoach at Gables Elementary in Columbus. In June she was elected to their board of directors and has been actively working with their board to plan for the 2018/19 school year. For more information on getting involved, donating or learning more, please visit their website: