Are You A “Sitting Duck”?

Small businesses are under attack. The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that one in five small businesses have been victims of cyber-crime in the last year. Quite simply, most small businesses are easy targets due to their lack of adequate security systems.

Budget isn't an excuse when it comes to security. Here are 3 security enhancements that don't require big investments:

1. Take Inventory 

Many businesses have over-complicated computer systems that are outdated, poorly secured, and not even business critical. Identify these.

2. Talk Security 

Employees are your greatest security threat. Talk to them about averting phishing email threats, frequently updating passwords, and staying safe while working at the office or remote.

3. Don't Fear the Cloud and Managed Services 

Don't let paranoia keep you from moving your email, backups, and file sharing to the cloud. It saves money and is often safer. A managed services provider can also take over both routine and complex security tasks.

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