Smart Gadgets

Published | May 15, 2017


3 useless smart gadgets you’re sure to love

Over the last few years, the public has been hit with an enormous variety of so called ‘smart gadgets.’  These gadgets boast many great things and all come with the promise of making life simpler… seamless… hassle-free… automatic…

Do they really do any of this?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.  Many of these smart gadgets try to do so much for you that at the end of the day, they do nothing for you or they’re just too hard to use or their smart purpose just isn’t all that necessary.

However, this is no way detracts from the overall ‘coolness’ factor of the gadgets themselves.  Just because they aren’t exactly useful for your day-to-day life, doesn’t mean they can’t be awesome.  Here are a few of our favorite, most useless, yet entirely awesome smart gadgets. 


Pantelligent was probably designed to be the cooking pan of the future, but in all reality, it’s just a cool pan that you can show off to your friends and family.  The bottom of the pan uses sensing technology to monitor the temperature of your dish and present you with the time required to complete the meal.  It connects to your phone via a mobile application to show you real-time stats and will adjust your recipe to compensate for these numbers.  Basically, for about $200, you’ll get a pan that will tell you how high to turn up your stove, when to flip, how long to stir, and when to turn everything off.         


The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator is the smartest refrigerator you can find these days, but it doesn’t come cheap.  Coming in at $6,000, this refrigerator’s right door is equipped with a 21.5” touchscreen reminiscent of a first-generation tablet.  In other words, you’re not going to get high-quality Apple-like interactions with the thing, but it’ll do.  Create shopping lists, manage leftovers, listen to music, check the weather, and see what’s inside your fridge.  Connect to a smartphone and view your lists and the contents of your fridge no matter where you are.   


Petcube is a $200 smart gadget made for animal lovers everywhere.  The kind of dog owners who go to work in the morning and by 8:05 am, they’re already missing their fluffy friends.  Or the kind of cat ladies who go out of town for the weekend and can’t stand the thought of their furry felines being left to brush themselves.  This gadget presents you with a 138-degree livestream of your animals and gives you the option to speak to them through your phone or schedule playtime with the help of a built-in laser pointer.