Top Weird Food Trends 2018

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Every year new trends seem to take over the food industry... what will it be this year?

Last year’s food trend predictions heralded the dawn of a coconut craze and tacos made of everything. Food trends in 2018 will include more alternatives, new flavors, and an emphasis on environmentally friendly ways of eating. 

Some of the more eye-catching and frankly, odd, predictions involved unexpected pairings … like raw fish and French pastry.

From sushi croissants to pasta donuts, food experimentation shows no end in sight for more extreme fusion creations.

The salmon roll wrapped inside croissant dough, sometimes called the “croissushi,” debuted this year in Los Angeles and will be sure to pop up around the country soon.

The spaghetti donut hails from the East coast. Made from pasta, eggs, and cheese fried into a donut shape for hand-held ease, this creation started in New York.

Tea flavors and mocktails

Experts in the food industry say that 2018 will be the year we see tea win out over coffee. It’ll also signal the rise of non-alcoholic specialty drinks. Floral flavors could unseat the pumpkin spice obsession, according to the Whole Foods predictions for the new year. Botanicals and notes like rose and lavender will fill glasses for health-conscious drinkers looking to curtail their booze consumption.

Plant-based proteins

Plant based, "meat foods" will rise in popularity thanks to younger consumers who are increasingly adopting  vegetarian and vegan diets. Impossible Foods, a Silicon Valley startup that’s been working on developing a meatless burger that bleeds. It actually replicates the bloodiness of biting into a still-pink-on-the-inside beef burger. Though it is not yet available to purchase, expect plant-based proteins like tofu, tempeh, and quinoa to replace meat more often next year.

 Mushroom coffee anyone?

This bizarre combination is about to become the next big, brewed thing. This fungi-focused coffee is very trendy at the moment and only seems to be picking up steam. Lovers of the somewhat eccentric brew say that the earthy essence of mushrooms is a complementary addition to coffee that actually makes for a smoother overall flavor. Plus, you get even more antioxidants with less jitter-promoting caffeine. Scientific research does show major health benefits of medicinal mushrooms ranging from boosting immune function to even improving brain cells, which means mushrooms may even help fight serious neurodegenerative issue like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re interested in possibly taking your cup of coffee to another level, then you may just want to try a hot cup of mushroom coffee.