Windows 7 and Office 2010: End of Life

 If your PC or laptop is running on Windows 7, then you need to know about a very important date coming up, January 14, 2020. What happens on that date?  That is when Microsoft Windows 7 reaches End of Life and Support from Microsoft.  Windows 7 was released in July of 2009.

You will start seeing prompts from Microsoft soon on any Windows 7 machine that will prompt you to upgrade as Microsoft will no longer patch or update Windows 7 Machines after that date.

Without patching, Windows 7 PCs will become increasingly vulnerable to malware and ransomware as new vulnerabilities are discovered and are not patched.

We recommend all Windows 7 PCs be replaced with Windows 10 PCs before January 14, 2020 to avoid becoming vulnerable.  Due to licensing cost and labor to perform the upgrade, it is just not cost effective to upgrade existing Windows 7 PCs to Windows 10.

Another date to to keep in mind is October 2020. That is when Office 2010 will reach End of Life and stop being supported and we recommend all users to upgrade to Office365 subscriptions to keep up to date with Office Applications.

If you would like recommendations or a quote on replacing your machines, please contact us.